Enroll Your Precious Children Today In One Of Our Programs.

IMG_1021 Our Infant Care

Our infant room provides a safe, cozy “home away from home”. We will put your mind at rest. Our infant corner is filled with age appropriate toys, activities, games and music to stimulate development.

We provide a nurturing and creative world for your infants to help build their minds, trust and self esteem through singing and reading. Our infants program is a baby at a time.

Welcome to Junior Harvard Academy Our Precious Toddlers

We provide an early foundation filled with the balance of nurturing, playtime and learning. We provide a rich spectrum of daily activities such as dramatic play, creative arts and language development. Our daily activities are geared toward development of confidence, self esteem and a love for learning.

IMG_1024 Our Two Year Olds

We emphasize language development to assist the two year olds turn their ideas into words and sentences. This will be achieved by introducing group activities that will teach co-operation, sharing and taking turns.

Our early learning curriculum gradually introduces key concept which has been trusted to build literacy such as using stories and daily activities, letters and books to create excitement while learning.

Welcome to Junior Harvard Academy Pre Sholars

Our pre-scholars programs will prepare your child for school by introducing hands on experiences.

They will begin to learn basic elementary math, language, science, and social studies. Our small unit cell provides a personalized attention to support every child’s need. Here they make friends and develop self confidence by learning vocabulary, letters and words. We focus on group play to develop social skills like listening, sharing and cooperation.

The goal of the program is to enable them to learn how to communicate needs, learn to count numbers 1-10, learn to draw line along dotted pictures and learn to trace some letters and numbers. Overall goal is for children to master the foundation skills they will need to excel in their school years.

Welcome to Junior Harvard Academy After School Program

We provide a safe, fun filled after school environment. Programs are created to engage school age children in forming and spending time with friends.

We provide homework assistance such as piano lessons, Spanish classes and dance instruction.

Welcome to Junior Harvard Academy Our Summer Program

During summer holiday our facility enable us to provide fun filled educational activities such as indoor games , computer games and learning , latest playstation and enrichment field trips to the space center , children’s museum , butterfly museum , funplex , Gatti town, Zuma, Houston Zoo , Chuky Cheeses and much more.